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He's at it again, sorry for length [Dec. 12th, 2006|01:47 am]
The community for those sick of pip and other bull

From: Prince Zoltzmar

Date: Dec 11, 2006 11:04 AM
Subject awh bless him
Body: its a beatiful september sunday and a woman and her son have planned. First the pizza buffet, then to the mall pet store to check out the snakes and lizards on display for the reptile show. After that they would go for ice cream. Disabilty awarness wasent on the list, but it poped up unexpectedly during the trip to the pizza store

a young woman walks into the store with her 2 brothers and sits down by the table next to the woman and child. one of the boys has a mental disablity.

young woman to disabled boy: I'm gonna get your pizza and you wait here."Cheese, right? You want cheese?"

disabled boy: * smiles and nods*. hands clasped in his lap, he hums a tune to himself while rocking back and forth in his chair.

little boy: whats wrong with him mommy?

mom: well nothing's wrong with him, He has a mental disability – just like your cousin Ronnie. Remember Ronnie?"

little boy: oh yes, our cousin. he loves to talk about alambama football and the weather.

Soon after the young woman returned to the table with a plateful of cheese pizza for her brother, they hear a loud groaning noise from another table. The noise went on for several minutes before the little boys mother turned round to see a teenager sitting with a man and woman

teenager: *disorting his body motions and withering back and forth* URRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man and woman: *laughs loudly*


sudenly the young woman yelled accross the resturant.

Young woman: "Yeah, that's really funny what you're doing!", Thats real mature of you to make fun of my brother. He's not bothering you, and he can't help the way that he is!!."

teenager: what did I do? I dident do anything wrong, did I?

when it was over, the teenager doing the mocking left the resturant, and the little boy who had been the centre of attention, pushed his full plate of cheese pizza

disabled boy: * to his sister* home, I just wanna go home

mom: why do you think the teenager make fun of the disabled kid?

little boy: Because maybe he thought he looked funny or sounded funny. Maybe I think he was doing weird things that he'd never seen a person do before."

mom: what did you think of the teenagers mocking and taunting?

little boy: "Well, he shouldn't do that to anyone because he wouldn't want anyone to do that to him"

mom: What would you do if you were with Ronnie and someone made fun of him that way?

little boy: "I'd stick up for him. I'd make them stop."

if you feel strongly about disabled discrimation, and disabled people should be treat fairly, repost this messege. If you don't you sick
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Well.. [Nov. 25th, 2006|09:28 pm]
The community for those sick of pip and other bull

...Pip must be kept away from under 7s.... they may choke on the small parts...
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(no subject) [Nov. 5th, 2006|08:38 pm]
The community for those sick of pip and other bull

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hehe doing a post here for 2 reasons

1) bored as hell on here, no one posts anymore
2) people actually requested an update to read and chuckle over...

so here goes i guess...

well recently, people saw pip get beaten up a bit, so i thought, why not make a website about it then, so i did, which can be viewed here: http://paedolove.ytmnd.com/

go clicky and goggle and giggle as well

oh for reference, the dude behind him is my brother lol... well done for once

oh, also, he is hanging round someplace called ashbrook, so any information about that would be grand..

anything else? no
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this was on pips blog.....Oh and pip wrote it [Jul. 26th, 2006|10:28 am]
The community for those sick of pip and other bull

Bedtime bear and the pizza shop

One day the bear was feeling hungry so him and Steven went to the pizza buffet down the road. When they got to the pizza shop the bear and Steven paid their money, got their table and went to queue up in the line for slices of pizza. When they got there pizza slices Steven and the bear sat down and began to eat their pizzas. Shortly afterwards a pretty young woman comes in with her two younger brothers. One of the boys was developmentally disabled. "Il go get your pizza, you want cheese pizza yeah?" Said the young woman to the disabled boy. He smiled and nodded as he watched his sister and brother walk over to the buffet line. Hands clasped in his lap he looked up wile examining something in the ceiling while he hummed a tune to himself while rocking back and forth in his chair. " Whats wrong with him?" whispered Steven. " Hes a fucking retard," said the bear to Steven. Soon the young woman and the other boy came back and they all ate their pizzas. The disabled boy made a loud high-pitched squeal while he ate his pizza. This kind of put the bear off his pizza. Suddenly the bear lost his patents and shouted across the restaurant " HEY DO YOU MIND, IM TRYING TO EAT" then the bear started to make guttural moaning noises while distorting his body motions and rocked back and forth in his chair "UUURRRRGGHHH" said the bear to the disabled boy. Steven laughed loudly while the bear continuously made fun of the disabled boy. Suddenly the young woman yelled across the restaurant " YEAH THATS REAL FUNNY WHAT YOUR DOING" she snapped " THATS REAL MATURE TO MAKE FUN OF MY BROTHER, HES NOT BOTHERING YOU AND HE CANT HELP THE WAY HE IS!" the bear made a defensive remark " wha, what did I do, I cant help if he put me of my pizza". Then all eyes were across the restaurant. Just then a very slim pretty busty waitress came over and asked, "whats going on?" the young woman said, " that nasty bear made fun of my disabled brother. The waitress turned round to the bear. Suddenly the bears eyes were focused on her cleavage and the bears tail popped out. " Oh you made my tail pop out" said the bear to the waitress. The waitress slapped the bear across his face, grabbed him and Steven and yelled " GET OUT, YOUR BANNED" so Steven and the bear walked home without a refund

i really really think people should read this and do something
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(no subject) [Apr. 7th, 2006|09:06 pm]
The community for those sick of pip and other bull

From now on everything is friends only i think!
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(no subject) [Mar. 15th, 2006|03:57 pm]
The community for those sick of pip and other bull

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sloganize all your names me thinks
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